Reverse Culture Shock

Main gif

Weird things happen when you come back from a year abroad…

1. Leaving tips *sigh*

gif leaving tips

I’ve been out to eat a few times since being back and leaving a tip is. the. worst. Why can’t we just pay our waitresses more?! I guess nothing will compare to the 10 euro, 3-course meal I grew accustomed to in Spain.

2. Understanding an entire menu with ease!

gifs menu

While we’re on the topic of eating out, I cannot begin to explain the true bliss that is understanding everything that’s on a restaurant menu without having to consult the interwebs.

3. So much space

such space

When I first got back I spent a few days in my hometown (suburbia) before moving back to Chicago. I just couldn’t get over how much open space there is. Front yards, back yards, parks (with grass!), it was a nice sight to see. I guess I should mention parks in Spain are often filled with gravel, not grass… Even in Chicago, the streets and sidewalks are wider so you can actually walk next to your friends *gasp.*

4. Accurate commercial breaks


This is a weird one, and I don’t know if it’s because Spain plays mainly dubbed American shows, or what, but they would often cut to a commercial break in the middle of a scene.

5. Healthy/Low-cal options


Based on this blog I’m sure most of you can assume I’ve come back a couple pounds heavier (I wasn’t about to deny myself all of the delish food abroad). In Spain they just don’t have a lot of low calorie/low fat/low sugar options for food. Probably because their country isn’t facing an obesity epidemic…

I still can’t believe my year abroad is over, and that I’m typing this from the good ol’ city of Chicago!


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